The only application solution for sales and marketing management

A unique solution for improving sales processes.

The solution is the result of the need for automation and business mobility.

A CRM tool enables the sales and marketing team to centralize data collection and processing, thus becoming the single source of truth for sales and marketing insights.

It is used to create sales predictions, analyze sales and marketing activities and their impact on the realization of sales, as a tool for managing contacts, marketing campaigns, etc.

The biggest advantage of the solution is the ability to monitor the sales forecast for several years, and the company has all the information about the customers even if some of the salespeople leave the company.

The sales and marketing management system enables:

Customers and contacts

CRM is a unique database of customers and contacts (companies and people) where, when entering a customer or contact, the level of detail of the description is determined with the possibility of mandatory fields. Each entered item is later used for advanced search and filtering according to various criteria. Records of communication with potential customers are centralized

Management and planning of sales opportunities

Estimating the likelihood of business success, estimating revenue and managing sales opportunities. It is possible to track sales opportunities, status and set up a customized sales flow. With this tool, it is easier to manage a large number of potential opportunities, but also to monitor the execution of the obtained opportunities based on the planned income.

Sales planning

Thanks to the structured creation and monitoring of users, contacts and sales opportunities, detailed forecasting and planning of sales is possible.

The tool provides insight into the realization of sales by planned income, by seller, execution time, status, geographic origin of the user, type of user, etc.

Probabilities of getting a job allow accurate forecasting of total sales over time.

Marketing campaigns

CRM is used for systematized creation of contact databases for marketing campaigns. For the purposes of creating marketing campaigns, it is possible to filter the list of contacts according to any criteria available in the database, but also thanks to specific tags that are assigned to contacts, e.g. New Year, conference, VIP user, etc.

Advanced reporting

Power BI, a tool for advanced reporting and analytics, can be used on top of the data found in CRM. It enables the processing of a large amount of data in a very short period of time, in order to create business reports for making business decisions. It provides reports on the basis of which it is possible to follow trends, find regularities between some seemingly unrelated phenomena, and even predict events with a high probability of realization.


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ComSale is intended for all companies that have a lot of interaction with customers and want to increase sales.


Yes, it is possible to install the solution at your location, and it can also be used as a service since Coming is a cloud provider in Serbia.


Yes, mobile apps are available for iOS and Android platforms.


Yes, support, API, tutorials and knowledge base are available.

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